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A couple of years ago, I met Jennifer Young at the Beauty UK show. She was promoting her training in Oncology Massage. It made me think. I have met people who have benefitted from Healing when they were going through cancer, even though the rule has been that you can’t give anyone going through cancer Healing or any massage therapy. The thought was that it could spread the cancer. So imagine my delight to find that research shows Healing and light touch massage do NOT spread cancer. There is no research to show it does. I know, because I have looked.

Fast forward to now, and I am excited to announce that I am qualified in giving Jennifer Young Oncology Massage Therapies in Body Massage, Pedicures, Manicures, and Beauty Facials, as well as now in the process of learning Indian Head Massage, to be followed by Scalp Massage as well. What a wonderful lady Jennifer Young is!! She has made me so happy to be able to offer this wonderful, soothing light touch massage that she has created, with vast input from cancer care nurses, cancer patients, and also vast amounts of research. Not only that, but Jennifer Young has created her own range of massage and beauty products with the same amount of input and research. These lovely products can be bought to use at home.  Jennifer Young has also created beauty products for the menopause. These are great products. I use them myself, so thanks to the morning moisturiser and serum, I now have happy skin!!

If anyone is interested in buying any of these fabulous products, I have a brochure, or you can go to the Jennifer Young Beauty Despite Cancer  website, and you can read her story as well. Quite a remarkable lady, with a passion for her work. 

Oncology massage is light and soothing, making it ideal for anyone who does not want a deep tissue massage, such as fibromyalgia. Everything is adaptable, taking into account any issues with sitting, laying on a couch etc. something that I feel passionate about. I like to tailor each therapy to everyone’s individual requirements.

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